Entuse me, she said…:- A study of prose, in fictitious and absurd scenarios


As I walked by the lake, I saw her face,

shimmering in the glittering waters,

I looked up, saw her square in the face,

she looked into my eyes, and said,

“Enthuse me”

Perplexed, was I, at this abrupt request,

I took her by the hand and  led her,

to the nearest cafe we went,

and bought her a mint tea,

and proceeded to expound the teas,

Half way through, I interrupted myself,

Asking her, ” Are you enthused”

“Frankly my dear,” she started,

“you are quite the boor,”

“so you’d better do some enthusement”

I, was at a loss, and abjectly perplexed,

astounded and quite contrite,

” what shall I serenade to thee,”

“my pretty lady, for words have seem to left me”

“I can’t talk of simple and silly things,”

“for I have forgotten these in years”

she chided me and then proceeded to say,

“my dear, speak to me of anything you can think of, ”

“tell me the movements of the stars, and the tide”

“the existentialist leanings of yours,”

“Tell me everything you can think of,”

“but please, leave out the teas”

“for teas, do not enthuse me.”

– absurdities can be found in many areas, this was a dream i had this morning, some what odd, yet comforting. I decided to write it out to keep a record of weird and funny dreams that i have had.


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