BMW 760Li Turbo V12


Just a snippet today,

BMW’s 760Li .Power outputs are 544 horses at 5,250rpm and a massive 750Nm of torque from as low as 1,500rpm all the way to 5,000rpm.

BMW is known for its high revving high power engines.

BMW regularly detunes engines for various reasons.

expect someone to rechip this baby, add two turbos to make it a quad turbo, raising the rev-limiter, and imagine the racket this thing would be making a 10000 rpm.

I can imagine this V12 punching well above its weight, reaching 600+ Bhp and maybe even breaching the kilo mark at the Nm ratings.

The possibilities!!! Maybe even 1000 + BHp… watchout Bugatti…

the buggers had better bring a X& into the market with this engine, Daddy needs to pull his boat to the marina.


3 Responses to “BMW 760Li Turbo V12”

  1. kwang Says:

    hahaha, you crazy s.o.b… can’t that be put to good use there? last time i watched an NZ show, they were only showing suv’s…

    • thejuggernaut Says:

      dude… it will be, eventually. just wait for the Germ’ to do something about it… :3

  2. sweetbmw Says:

    This site has a 760, someone should make a modified version to eat up those 8 gears,

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