YOU make me so HOT!!


As i was walking back from the KL monoraiI station yesterday evening, heading towards KL Sentral after a long day at LYP, I noticed a couple of very pretty girls in fishnet stockings and blonde hair dyed with a pink streak. They were apparently getting people to sign a petition- for some obvious reasons… THAT THE AVRIL LAVIGNE CONCERT WAS CANCELLED… so i bet these pretty, young things were pretty miffed when the announcements were made and thus decided to take to the streets… all i can say is that i am pretty unsatisfied with that announcement too… along withe thousands of others…

On an unrelated note, the orange clad people from some business challenge shown on NTV7 were pretty dull by comparison, admittedly probably been there since the morning, but still, hould have shown some enthusiasm when trying to sell their product. they didn’t even bother to approach me to sell their product, Speaking English Daily. LOL

SO the countdown begins… o.0 I am going home… 🙂


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2 Responses to “YOU make me so HOT!!”

  1. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Dude it’s update tiem D:

  2. Enigmatic Says:


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