one week


yet another week of thrills and spills has gone by,

i have yet to fully plan my trip to perth…

i have yet to clear my past notes…

i have yet to get a new rig as this current one is failing me… at times…

i am proud that i have accomplished some things, namely the arrangement of the room, purchase of a Solvil Titus watch for my dad’s birthday as well as for father’s day.

again…. i am proud that this blog is now a year old with very very few readers :)….

But rest assured… a full and comprehensive report on perth will be coming soon after i post up my planned guide for the trip. expect pictures and stuff… 🙂

so until then, sayonara!


2 Responses to “one week”

  1. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Skype Me when you’re there! All the best, see ya dude~ *waves*

    Jya~neh desu

  2. thejuggernaut Says:

    tried to… you were sleeping… will post my experiences up asap….

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