freedom! and a busy weekend


last thursday:

finished last paper, went home … had lunch, went to uni, went to chilli’s midvalley. that’s it….

oh and the comp crashed… 😆

last friday :

low yat plaza…. bought dvds and a D-Link DIR-300 router (yes its a basic model.. i know..)

watched narnia: prince caspian…. good film… just like the book

later in the evening saw a temple on Jln Pudu on fire, and went to Qba in Sunway Pyramid….

except Qba was replaced with this place called the coco banana…. cool dancing moves by teddy bear and Jaakob… a tiff took place and some people had to be KPC and watched on…

went straight back to semenyih after that…

last saturday :

packed and cleaned room…

reached home, un packed…. cleaned room

installed the router… did take some time before i got the sequence right …

will hack it later… some time in june…

dinner at the country club with my family….


cleaned the rooms and cleaned and cleaned…

still helluva lot of things to do…


One Response to “freedom! and a busy weekend”

  1. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    You got tagged XD

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