Review- OeTTINGER Bier (Lager)


Tried a nice tall can of the Lager (Super Forte – extra strong) at 8.9%. Am blown away by its relative low cost… at six for half a litre… thats bloody good grog for the price….

to put it in words, the taste has a smooth flavour, with honeyed tinges and a mildly smoky taste. ( for malaysias, picture Carlsberg and Heineken with the strength of Anchor strong)….

I am inclined to think it is a fortified Pilsner, but I could be wrong… ( super forte says everything though)

Now, Oettinger as a company, seems very much family owned in Gotha, yet has the impression of being run by a large corporation. Having been around for the past 277 years, it has surprisingly only diversified within its core field, having over 50 types of beer on offer. So it is most definitely a niche/specialist brewer.

More on it as i plan to sample more ASAP

until then, enthuse on the thoughts of this Thai based connoisseur –


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  1. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Tags -> not tiger piss

    LMAO xD

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