Falling forever


… If there was a way to open a looped portal where the two ends are actually a rip in space and time, we’d be able to reach terminal velocity without being able to stop…. much like a perpetual motion machine. also the feeling of falling into a bottomless pit would be attainable…

but something tells me ripping a hole in the fabric of the Cosmos is not a good idea eh?

Power.   Brings much meaning in a world where everything is based on a person’s capabilities.

Pride. An emotion said to result from being able to comprehend power and its consequences.

Passion. Feelings which one should have for his/her life vocation.

Pertinence. being able to discern realities and have the wisdom to handle them.

Words are but tools to convey thought, but as with words, thought can be misguided.

Life is a contradiction.

Love is a contradiction.

Freedom is a contradiction.

but it is contradiction that humanoids embrace. To bring meaning, to bring a reason…..


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One Response to “Falling forever”

  1. experi3nc3 Says:

    Right… I’ll use a scissors and cut mid air to generate crisis all over the world lol… xD

    It’s more than words.

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