Emotive Contemplation…


Without much hesitation, a word to every one.. “OH SHI~” :groan:

Brooding over the years have taken a toll on my spiritual, mental and physical health, thinking of things that are, of things that is and of things that will be. Insecurities of life are much the key point in handling the day to day grind.

Toda, I can say though,  I have realised ( or rather, known all along) that life is simple, you just gotta take it by the moment. When life/luck hands you rotten grapes, it will take some sweat, blood and perhaps lots of tears to make that decomposing mass of pulp into something palatable like fine wine… It ain’t easy, yet it isn’t as hard it can be.

I am thankful that i have my body whole, family, and possessions that help living in this planet easier. I am thankful that i have friends that are good to take me through the thick and thin.

This may be a repeat of things/thoughts idealised over the year, but it is sincere and true. I am turly thankful, for I will have all I need, enough. I pray that I will get all I want, enough: sooner or later. THAT, I suppose, is the meaning of living.

The meaning of existence is to exist.

SO Exist, and keep on finding the meaning to life, for that is all we have to do, that is our purpose.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to be cryptic… If anyone should find any flaws in the post, comment plaese, domo arigato!


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2 Responses to “Emotive Contemplation…”

  1. experi3nc3 Says:

    Just don’t tell me it’s for… *ahem*

  2. experi3nc3 Says:

    And BTW, from Clara’s Shoutbox only I know that you’re sick… Are you ok now?

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