Review:Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge 1


ANother anime…. in the vein of Hana Yori Dango, Hachimitsu no Clover and Bokura Ga Ita… The pastel colours and similar pace make for an interesting watch… if one likes love romance comedies!!

I for one will be following this series pretty closely… my gut tells me that it would be a short series… 3 months at most….

a quick check with ANN will remedy anything :p

and the search turns up no leads… lml(T-T)lml

and since it is by J.C.Staff, you can trust high animation quality and a decent turn of story…

one can only hope the subs can keep up pace 🙂


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One Response to “Review:Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge 1”

  1. Ruben K Says:

    nice nice

    but what about the drifting?

    and the drunk dancing?

    when are you gonna share it with the world?

    PS:…. THis is not face book dude…. i can edit your comments -JJK

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