the clouds drift,

the trees sway,

the frog croaks,

the river glades,

the is a time,

when peace reigns,

the sky rains,

and I contain,

this feeling inside,

from bursting forth,

wild passions,

and mindless abandon,

to be with you forever,

is all i want,

keep the good faith,

and recklessly be safe,

to protect the future,

for the sake of the future,

i will love thee,

for the offspring,

that come forth,

birthing a new life,

is ever so beautiful,

let us find,

a love so complete,

let us find,

sweet solace,

in each others arms,

let us fing,

sweet surrender,

give it to Him,

the EverWatcher,

the Almighty,

for He be,

the ultimate destiny,

whilst we wait for the Ultimate,

shall we savour,

each other,

bit by bit,

dya by day,

throughotu the cosmos,

the stars agree,

that you and I,

my love,

we’re meant to be,

until the day we meet,


Grant me this virtue,

of Patience.


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