love superficial?… what have you been smoking?


Lately, there is much talk about love and its implications. This has its beginnings in some people’s indiscretions and alleged consummation of a relationship that was supposed to end.

Now let’s make this very clear… there is no love at first sight…

I may be a hopeless romantic in many things… but this is the issue where I am a cynical bastard. Love does not cultivate overnight. Lust and infatuation does… love takes time effort and difficulty through thick and thin ( maybe i am a romantic after all…)

If you have a relationship with someone for say 5-6 months( or even years and then you find yourself incompatible, due to reasons which I as a person who hasn’t experienced such feelings, find incomprehensible; that should not be called a love relation ship gone sour. More like the lust has died down.  Being together in love is definitely much more than just time spent together, sex or whatever not that may have kept these people together.

ANd yes there is a deeper and more incomprehensible meaning to love, its just that most disregard what they feel and begin to look for objects/items to express their love… love isn’t all that difficult, it merely is there… you just gotta find it…

and to those buggers who say love is superficial… it probably is, in your head that is…

go get a life.


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One Response to “love superficial?… what have you been smoking?”

  1. dylan Says:

    Absolutely agree with you man. I believe that love at first sight leans towards lust and what happens after that is up to the individuals involved.

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