Dearth of Light


Within thine self,

thou’st find,

silence of the soul,

a raging fire,

such angst burns,

such feelings hurt,

why is there pain,

when there is joy?

All i want,

is your love,

all i need,

is your affection,

my darling,

i’m in such pain now,

knowing you,

belong to another,

should i lose hope,

or should i let you be?

my honour and pride,

tells me to release thee,

from the confines o my heart,

to your loved one,

reluctant i am,

because i love you so,

yet due to that,

I have let you go,

so I pray,

you find your happiness,

hope we find,

our true purpose,

I pray that,

i find another,

one who would love me,

as i would love her,

such thing would happen,

in due time,

but for now,

in my heart and soul,

dearth of light.


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