Gunther: Pleasureman!!! ( finally got the CD!)


W00t~ I finally got the Gunther CD…. the first song is the least played track on the airwaves….

The Ding dong Song is well….. FUN! Also it is not to be taken seriously… :p

third track is a play on the Itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini… madness i tell you…  ( just gotta love summer..)

4th one… is the remix/ remake of an English sex-bomb’s song from the ’80s… made in an extremely vociferous manner…

Fifth on, the pleasureman comes into being…. other that this song… the rest of the songs are well pretty much the same

This CD is best played when you are half drunk and intend to laugh just a little bit harder at the CDs sillyness….

Oh and did i mention the pink CD?


2 Responses to “Gunther: Pleasureman!!! ( finally got the CD!)”

  1. Victor Says:


  2. experi3nc3 Says:

    Owh u touch my tra la la..
    Emm… My ding ding dong… xDDDD

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