Twenty-one wishes to come true…It will…


1. A good (first class) Honours degree

2.Opportunity and actually getting to work in company of choice have enough to get what I want

4.To have enough to be charitable

5. To be Proficient in mother tongue before I am 30

6. to be proficient in three other languages i want to learn

7.To be a good person in every way

8.TO get what i need

9. world peace ( no, really….) get a decent price for my volvo do a Masters and Doctorate in the next 7 years meet my Maker when I’m 114 yrs of age be a successful business person

15. to be able to enjoy all the manga and anime available to me enjoy the cars that i buy find the love of my life cherish and honour my parents keep my friends close and my enemies closer

20.keep on blogging until the end of time

21….. a bank vault would be best ( Thank you, T.A.K…. counting on you :p )


2 Responses to “Twenty-one wishes to come true…It will…”

  1. lord_jagganath Says:

    1 and 10 failed T-T

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Lol lol *pats* Well look on the bright side now you can concentrate on the rest! =D

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