Gadzooks! Mind meltin’ Techno….


Yes folks, techno is in the vogue….. in fact, not.

The days of Techno floorfillas are long over but live on in various clubs in variations of House, remixes and samples in popular tracks…. The nineties, people, can be laid to rest in a shallow grave, for it died a difficult death.

There are those, such as I, attempt to keep it alive. But to no avail, I find my self listening to more disco remixes and J-pop from mainstream anime soundtracks. Techn, though held sacred, is very much repetitive yet at the same time, quite invigorating.

So here i end my post, to a salut to Moby’s fledgling days (early 90’s) as i listen to Robert Miles’ “children” and say hello to the world of trance .

PS:. The above post is Unreal and non-truthful, the animal Known as “Techno” is not extinct and is kept as a pet by many people.


One Response to “Gadzooks! Mind meltin’ Techno….”

  1. Radicalpatriot Says:

    Yes, go techno!

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