Do my car, Pimp my ride!!!


Yes, you heard me right…. ‘cept not in the looks department…. its under the hood i am interested.

you take a basic spec e34 520 12 valver and dump the engine and gearbox.

source a M67D39 3.9 diesel v8 and quad turbo the bugger ( expect 700- 800 nm @2000rpm  and around 300bhp @ approx 4000rpm) …… source a e39 M5 six gear cog swapper and clutch to handle all that power…. ( I am not sure if its possible but hey…. if it can be done…..)

do the works with the chassis ( strengthening, foam, welds, cross braces …) the works with the braking system * the largest rotors 18 inch alloys can take……  for both front and rear…..

attempt a retro fit of a X 4wd system, abs….  relocate electrics and extra battery to the boot (to redistribute the weight as the engine is 60 kilos heavier than stock engine) while we are losing weight… might as well go for a carbon fibre bonnet painted silver

interior wise, dashboard to be dumped ( source e39 unit…..) electrics should come from an e39 too….  seats are fine… though could be wrapped in leather…. on second thought get e39 units

so what is needed … e39 from the breaker  … e65 smashed up so bad it’s mother wouldn’t want it ( but the engine intact)  category 7 wreck i believe ( good enough for salvage) and a bag of assorted parts from the M division…

Oh and 200kilo bucks would be nice too…. 😆


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