Congratulations, MMM!!


Congratulations goes to Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia for launching their Mitsubishi Lancer ( Galant Fortis in JDM mode)  after their World Premiers in the US!!! this shows that they are serious with their cars, after the farce that was named as the counterpart to Neutron…..

Heck I love its looks, echoing the previous gen. Galant which in turn looked like a BMW E34 for the 21st century ( high praise … cos i love the BMW E34..). The gentlemen at MMM has decided to bring the GT spec (Which is one of the higher trims) to Malaysia… Sweet… my only gripe is that it has no 4wd and has no manual box in Malaysia…. only a CVT automatic, that it self represents a detraction for a manual person…. (auto’s i don’t mind has no CVT…. do you think bmw would jump the cvt bandwagon… i hope not..)

of all its shortcomings, none is as bad as the fact that it is not similar to the Evo X….. unlike Subaru, they use totally different cars for their lancer and Evolution models respectively….. ( atleast that was the case with the Evo VIII)

This car almost made me convert to FWD…. but no. I stand by this when i say… I have fallen in love With The Triton…. you’ll find me in a white one sooner than in a red Lancer 2.0 GT.



2 Responses to “Congratulations, MMM!!”

  1. Victor Says:

    ROx!! Haha!!!

  2. MMMalaysian Says:

    do u know how much this car is priced in malaysia? thanks..

    JJK: Please refer to for the latest pricing updates… expect the GT to be around RM120k++

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