BMW: The design truth


Ok, here’s the two one one….. Bangle DOES NOT do any more design work. He is totally out of the picture.

In fact the last design he did was the E46, a nice car i believe…*cannot believe i am defending him*

If you want to blame anyone… blame the board of directors… Bangle merely became the “face” to the design job, It’s a typical german “in” joke. Once they get a bona fide german back in the hot seat, you’ll see more elegant designs, as if they were formed by God himself.

IMHO the most elegant and timeless of designs were considered the most boring by many others, the E32, E34, E38, E23, E24, E46, e39….. and their cars could have been more dynamic and more efficient than they were.  Here’s the crux of the issue, when will we get beautiful BMWs ? Look at the 50s/60s Farina designs?….or look far in the future…… one things for sure, edges as sharp as a razorblade and as flat as the bonneville plains don’t cut it any more…. Give us back our style in our UDMs, please!!!


2 Responses to “BMW: The design truth”

  1. experi3nc3 Says:

    DUDE, what on earth happened to you?! I messaged you and you didn’t reply. Where had you been for the past 1 month?!

    Don’t you know I miss you so much? =P


  2. homeless_homo Says:

    I have no idea what your talking about LOL

    EDIT: merely ranting my friend -lord_jagganath

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