Roboto-san, Domo Arigato


There are those who are BAY-ing for Michael Bay’s blood. The Live action movie of Transformers has me caught in a fix… cursing volkswagen for not allowing their cars to be in such a movie and at the same time cursing the scripters for not adding enough back story………

well, here goes, TF is a mega hit. I just want to go out and grab all the vehicle based bots…. naturally it will be the closer to car based models…… the rest i consider over-glorified Gundams… I mean, who wants a planet eating orb?… ( In primus i trust, unicron is not appearing soon… i hope)

the movie too makes me want to just go out and start writing my head off. write about the science fiction genre i am so much in love with… I hopeit becomes a reality soon…


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