Cars = Show down Between


 ( Taken for the period 2003 to present)

Punkt Ein :

Why BMW is Better than Mercedes Benz 

1. ALL models are rear wheel drive cars = sporty driving and good fuel consumption

2. Turbo-charging increases MPG and has a big increase in power whereas Supercharging uses up to 30% of rated power (kW) from crankshaft

3. Built quality is immaculate and of higher quality materials ( this is the reason BMW is making less money , yet they are selling more cars. )

4. Ride is generally more even and suits the spirited driver

5. Is more focused in providing quality passenger cars for the individual

Point Zwei :

Why Mercedes Benz is better than BMW 

1. Supercharging is even and provides power from low revolutions

2. Image counts, and has built a reputation over the years

3. Has a comfortable ride and has many fans of the ride

4. Technology is stable and proven

5. Diesels are efficient , drawing from its 100 odd years of producing diesel engines for commercial and private purposes

PS…. It is true that i am a BMW fan-atic, but please, do comment on the subject….

Disclaimer : All that is written represents a person’s perception and does not require solid proof..

(Just how a reporter destroyed a new Morris’ reputation in the ’70s by listening to a mechanic complain about a model that has nothing to do with the new car)


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