Knight to Lady Dawn


As the sun rises,

Lady Dawn appears,

warming up her followers,

revitalising the rested,

she sings of bliss,

and of glorious days ahead,

such promise of happiness,

such promise of pure bliss,

you, adored One,

you be my Lady Dawn,

invigorate me when i arise,

praise me when i arrive,

console me during my loss,

comfort me when i am down,

you, my dear,

make me whole,

make us one,

make the world,

a better place,

And I, my love,

Will be your knight,

serve you during the day,

to protect you,

during harsh times,

promises are made,

kept they will be,

for all my endeavours,

are nought but for you,

so let me,

a love struck knave,

be a knight,

to your Lady Dawn.


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