Obituary – Aiwa Mini HiFi circa 1994 and circa 1979


This review is only in place to illustrate the disappointment I feel in the demise of quality Aiwa products ( and of the brand too)

To sum up the criticisms, the 1979 version is far superior in sound compared to the 1994 model. (Not going to name the models, as it is generally found to be true for all models)

The treble and bass in the ’79 is more balanced as they used higher quality capacitors and fluids that can be found in higher-end chip driven amps like the Meridien and JBL systems today. The ’94 on the other hand has geared for the mass consumer market, sourcing parts from lower-end companies…..

Admittedly, the ’79 cannot handle deep bass and higher treble accents, it tends to get rough around the edges in those regions. Neither can the ’94. though the ’94 has a further downside, the all in one enclosure makes for a poor airflow system. This makes it pretty hot.

SO, finally we come to the end of this rant. I am not impressed by Sony’s decision which was merely to bump their profits up for F2002. So may the Aiwa brand rest in peace.


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