Review – Ghost Whisperer (Sneak review)


Frankly, I am a fanboy. Yes, unabashedly I say, I am a HUGE fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt! She is cute, has that cute nose and a total inability to act in diverse roles. ( But I still like her…. XD)

This series, deals with the fact that J. Love’s character can see “earthbound spirits” and her “calling” in life is to help them “cross over” into “bliss” ( but looking at you is bliss already…..XD) Difficult spirits, bitchy ghouls and interesting stories are brought to being in this curious telling of the otherworld.

Frankly, there isn’t much of a story initially, but mark my words, that’s what we thought when we watched Buffy. ( now we have survived through HOW many seasons? not to mention Charmed too…. ) ( yes, yes they are all chic-flick-y but heck, I am a sucker for the pretty ladies. ;p) Soon there should be more than the pretty Texan lass and her unassuming “paramedic” husband ( whom she kisses 50-75 percent of the time they are together. Such a “loving couple”… GRRRRRRRRRR>>>>)

Overall, if you want potential torrents of tears, this series could be the one for you. ( I am watching it for J.Love)

PS: The third season  apparently becomes “sexier” in the words of the creator…. I am going to source for this some how XD XD


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