Review – Edox C1 Diver – Official watch of the World Powerboat Championships- Part Ein


You’d never believe what came in the mail today!!! It was an Edox C1 Diver!!! The specs are as below and photos after it.

The watch weighs nearly 300gms….. +- 50 gms more than my Motorola W220 cellphone… hefty for a watch…. justified as it’s all stainless steel.

The band of black and orange on the bezel makes for a sporty watch which is all justified, being the official watch for the FIA World Powerboat Championship…The quality is also unsurpassed in it’s build and finish.

Case All stainless steel 316 L – 45 mm – Case height: 12.5 mm – Divers bezel
Movement EDOX 701 BASED ON ETA 11 1/2 F 06.111
Dial Black/orange with luminous figures and indexes. Luminous hands.
Crystal Scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
Watchband Bracelet stainless steel 316L with folding buckle and Edox logo.
Date Yes
Characteristics Down to 200 meters/ 660 feet – Official watch of “Class one” powerboat championship.

Hello, What is this clean white box? What does it contain?.. Hmmmm must find out…… omoshiro ne…. Edox… Quite a snazzy name for a 19th century brand ne?


edox-004.jpg AHhhh ’tis a piano black case with an instruction of some sort…



edox-005.jpg The black case, the warranty card and the instruction manual appealing to see and all is nice.. but what is in there?



edox-006.jpg Gasp! It’s a HUGE watch.. ( you’ll see why its huge soon)





edox-007.jpg Out of the case, The watch looks oh so beautiful… It’s a handsome watch with a date function and the capability to shock bearers with its sheer mass…. (It’s not your regular Swiss watch in this department)



edox-010.jpg Now.. this watch on my hand.. It looks at home, ne? for comparison purposes.. there’s a fifty sen coin on my hand. note the size of the hand and of the watch.( blasted mosquitoes….)



While i have loads of fun with POTC3…. which i watched earlier today..(I still say keith richards should have been given more lines..), I had more fun with this….. so much that words cannot express it……

Blast… I wish i was more glib in these situations….

400Eur, 272Gbp


3 Responses to “Review – Edox C1 Diver – Official watch of the World Powerboat Championships- Part Ein”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    Excuse my poor shots… I am no photographer

  2. experi3nc3 Says:

    Yo, something valuable. =D Good for you.

  3. thejuggernaut Says:

    Oi… It is by the Ultimate Lord’s grace and luck ( and also a benefactor who is generous to the T…. Hare Krsna!)

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