Praises to the LORD!!! (Amen!)


HARE KRSNA! (“Chant and be happy” they say, how right they are)

I have realised over the years, having an open attitude to most things bring only good. There are things that have happened to me over the few days which are positive and quite thrilling, though  they may not be exactly be what i want. As what Mick and the boys have said, ” You can’t always get what you want; but if you try,you may get what you need.” True enough, thats what has happened. I suppose it all boils down to a few crucial things; faith, hope, perseverance, and positivity.

Once you say you cannot do a task, you’d find that that task is nigh impossible to do. However by saying that you can do it,( forgive me, O’Nike) you’d find that the task is not nearly as difficult as it was. However, one must persevere!

All these philosophies intertwine and are not separate, yet they are not absolute. Funny, there are no absolutes save the fact there is none. Paradoxical innit?

So it again comes down the wire, what is it are you after? Is there a higher power? Or is it just faith?…. Whatever it be, what is your faith? There is dualism in this world, and yet it isn’t absolute…. and that is absolute.

XD XD :rotflmao:


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