Anime Review : Sola (extremely short)


Boy obsessed with the sky (sora or sola). Girl who cannot be out in the day time ( i am telling you its the usual kind of story). Sister who is sick in the hospital. Friend (girl) who comes and cooks everyday. Friend’s sister in same hospital as Sister. You’d prolly have no idea where we are going….

This anime is notable for having a dreamy quality in a gritty setting. It all lies in Noto Mamiko’s portrayal of the heroine in a relatively cutesy manner ( much better than Masa(mu)ne in Witchblade) and virtually out of her usual roles as calm and collected characters. Also the friend’s sister provides much comic relief when she calls her sister in a formal manner (“name”-san) and getting the “chop”. I think it’s possible to pick up formal japanese speech when you listen to this little girl. :p

Also the main reason of this dreamy setting is the fact that the main writer also did “Kanon”. The odd thing is the entire project started off as a drama CD . More info HERE.

The main character’s sister is voiced by Nakahara Mai, who is a character which can be best described in an utterly unrefined manner- “stoner”. And may also have a brother complex. :ugh:

It was slow at first, but later on has the usual tugs at emotions dot dot dot….(those who have watched Kanon will feel a sense of deja vu, sans the big chins and (relatively) huge eyes.) the character design is at times inconsistent… making me feel as if there might be a resurrection of Crescent Love. (noooooooooooo)

And at the point where i am at….. there is a sense of WTF!!! as there is a major story link in this episode seven. Until the end of the series, ETA 6 episodes, Adieu!


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