Review- BenQ FP93GW (VGA-cabled) 19″ widescreen LCD monitor



Left: My two year old rig, an Aiwa speaker and my new BenQ lcd monitor. Note the open casing and the general setup of the rig.(excuse the mess… too excited about the lcd.)

Middle: The LCD itself and its size in relation to the keyboard, only the 22″ monitors are as wide as the keyboard. (Excuse the poor shots, the digital camera is half a decade old and only can take 1 megapixel shots; the flash is permanent too…)

Right: The setup of the monitor, sandwiched in between the massive speakers, look at the smaller white ones; by comparison they are minuscule. The bottom left hand corner shows a piece of paper, under which is the main receiver and amp of the mini hifi set.

On the whole, the screen resolution is marvelous. On Ubuntu, it only can handle up to 1280×800; whereas on regular XP, the maximum of 1440×900 is obtainable, as per the monitor settings. In any case either OS gives excellent viewing on this monitor. (have not tried any games on this, but the photo viewing is a wonderful experience.)

watching movies and anime has never been more fun XD XD.

The quality of the build is on question though. the base is made solidly out of plastic without feeling cheap and the wall mounting bracket feels flimsy so I’d still purchase a proper VESA mounting. The bezel is unfortunately silver and doesn’t look nearly as stylish as a FP94GW…. a mere trifle when you consider the value in this… the same thing in Acer guise is not nearly as feature packed as this, and is nearly rm 70 more expensive.

Another feature which seems common in most new monitors is the Photo, movie and dynamic viewing functions other than standard and sRGB modes. This function allows a person to switch colour temperatures and other settings at a push of a button. Pretty handy for those people who are hardcore ‘shoppers and imaging gods. The wide expanse of the desktop gives much space to do many things at once….. (watching anime as i am typing this XD XD).

This monitor is a good purchase if one is on a budget. However, I will confirm that with you peeps in about 3-4 months time..

Until then, ciao…

Ps: may not be blogging so much after this…. heheh- kamo….


4 Responses to “Review- BenQ FP93GW (VGA-cabled) 19″ widescreen LCD monitor”

  1. FP93GW 19" Review at The Juggernaut - Pigster Wiki Says:

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  2. Review Says:

    Personally I don’t recommend BenQ FP93GW monitor.
    This review is really good written.

  3. Hoàng Thành Says:

    hi, the review is well-written. I, however, don’t prefer BenQ LCD. Considering price/performance ratio, I would choose HP or Dell mirror LCD. I have tested several LCDs from a hanful of manufacturers and come to conclusion that HP/Dell really do a good job. Well, it would be wise to buy a widescreen LCD at present.

    By the way, I love your hifi system [AIWA??]. It would be wise to configure a 2.0 sound system with your computer. A mini stereo system is good, too [Kenwood for instance].

  4. thejuggernaut Says:

    It’s been a long time, I needed the Aiwa to act as a headphone amp :3 … but its been 2 years, so i have pushed the Aiwa off, and gone back to using my ACS 45s…yes, i am aware it is old, but if it ain’t broke why fix it? hehe, the bass is still as loud as the day i got it ( that’s cause for a good 8 years, it was sitting at it’s lowest setting :3)

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