Anime Review : Witchblade (first half)


Witchblade halfway point… a review up to ep 12

If anyone who is a fan, has read the original topcow witchblade, the comic…… you are forgiven for calling this “adaptation” sacrilege….
This japanese anime adaptation of the hit comic/tv series has made waves in every way, from the directorship to the story right up to the choice of seiyuu for the main character….
For me at least it has satisfied all my needs in anime; that is : pretty colours, beautiful girls and cutesy voices. Noto Mamiko provides a husky voice, albeit a little on the off-pitch side ( don’t get me wrong, she happens to be one of my favourite VAs, ALSO because of Tsukamoto Yakumo!!!)
Bonus for the gore fans, there is a slight amount of cel-shaded and CG gore here, especially when Masane does her usual stuff in a transformed mode… ( wicked sick)
Those who degrade this series do not know what they are looking at and should read a little deeper into the main storyline…. how Utopian a city had become … how NSFW became a corporation….. how technology corrupts people…
ethics and humanity seem to have become a thing of the past ( half a dozen years to be exact)
her transformation scene is certainly painful, with the voice being stupid(what happened to the Yamibou voice?…. arrgghh Lesbian lust cannot be duplicated for pain eh?)
Nevertheless much of the storyline is faithful to the original cause ie the witchblade appearing…. here the two factions fighting for it are more civil…..(in a manner) many double entendres ensue and poof! you have this anime…
hope to watch the rest as soon as i purchase the next in the series…


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