Blast! Computer problems,Again……


First my ancient Gateway 15″ monitor goes dead and now my mum’s computer’s USB ports are acting up, what am i to do?…

_m(o-O)m_  I’m hanging on the ledge here. Heck, even my portable HDD is not being recognized. ( must be a driver issue, need to take it to the forums)

Finally, My windows XP OS has decided to leave me forever, every time i try to log on with XP at the GRUB startup, the bloody thing restarts…. 😦 ….

(the OS gods are telling me to go open source… I dare not defy them… XD Your humble servant shall obey :P…) All I have to do now is attempt to back up all my stuff from C.

So the proposed solutions to my woes are as follows:

1. Obtain a new monitor, 17″ or 19″, LCD or CRT, Normal or Widescreen, (anything below rm 400 offer it to me please!!!)

2. Reinstall windows…( hell of a useful option)

3. Buy 4 port Notebook expansion card ( rm 50-80 ish?)

4. Install Mandriva to my C: partition ( nice idea)

5. Any other opinion, comments please?


One Response to “Blast! Computer problems,Again……”

  1. Two problems- one with GRUB and the other is with the Portable hard disk - Linux Forums Says:

    […] the Portable hard disk OK here’s the run down… i have been in a series of mishaps.. (refer to Blast! Computer problems,Again…… The Juggernaut’s 1337 Poetry Log )First wehn i start up, The Grub list of Oses has two ubuntu 6.10 ( one version 10 and the other […]

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