Lusts of the Juggernaut – Tres Type


Yo! ‘Tis time for the third time, the Lusts of the Juggernaut is back with a back to basics approach. It’s all about the miscellaneous implements one would want in life.

Firstly, clothing is something one must have; it must be snazzy and comfortable. No different, I am; when it comes to being “vain” ( to a certain degree XD) I would say i rank quite high on the sin listings.Amazing!
In fact Ishida has got it right, XD!

I for one prefer a full-blown Kurta with either a bolero or a Nehru-style suit. (pics to come up later) I won’t say no to a full suit or any other traditional costume, though it must be made of silk, pure cotton or wool. The very best in quality is all that is required, though brand names don’t enthrall me (strange innit?).

Shoes, walking implements and rarely used nowadays. They range from boots to moccasins right up to wellingtons. Here, the brand matter for both quality and comfort. I’ll have to say my Reebok Classics, and Dunham Round Toes have served me well, and may be nearing the end of their life cycle (I’ll give them another year). But what I really want are some Reebok All-Terrains and Dr. Martens boots. Also Rockport and Caterpillar have good stuff on offer. They say shoes make a man, I’d like mine to be different yet not ostentatious; rugged, yet refined; comfortable and high quality.

Also since Reebok=adidas, the quality is still there; but buyer beware.

Doc Martens rulez!

Now ending the third part, the final item that can be considered to be crucial to a persons image, is their spectacles (if one wears them). Not much a fan of narrow rims and rimless ones, I prefer aviators and half-frames. Preferably, with photochromic (photogray) lenses. (just gotta love the seventies style, man; bushy mustaches, long sideburns and all.)half-frame aviators... w00t
Among them are the RayBans and Oakleys, but my favourite remains the one above, a Linda Farrow vintage. One could say this wouldn’t be out of place in the 70’s, as it is a design from those retro times, redesigned by the original designer’s son.


There are a few implements that will be left out, e.g. headgear, because I believe that headgear to the like of hats, caps and others are unbecoming of a 21st century genteel-person.

In the end, it is up to the person to carry themselves well, bringing off the aura of sophistication and gentility as much as possible.

Until another time, Gokingeyou.


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