Hmmph…. the ship is not leaving yet…


Ubuntu is here to stay…. Reinstalled it though, another long, long night….

Reason why i didn’t go on with Mandriva ( mandrake), is that there’s a small flaw in the software… it wouldn’t let me choose which partition to install it in….. (it is as flexible as XP is, then?!)… so, here it leaves me with no choice but to keep using Ubuntu ( reinstalled, upgraded to 7.04) and using XP to write to my SFS hdd. (even trying to update to 7.04 is difficult…. bloody windows update……slows the whole damn thing down)

Also if you ask why i did not install the damn thing onto my 2nd disk…. I tried and thus became fearful when the installer suggested I format my 2nd hdd… i mean FORMAT!!!!!

All my carefully collected archives…. NEVER!!!!

So until i get my 3rd drive… Mandriva, until i get my 3rd HDD

Ps: Read the log…. IT was the bloody os on the c partition that corrupted the Grub, causing it to access ubuntu improperly, which in turn effed up the ubuntu and automatix setup skins.

EDIT: noticed something … the processor was doing the “switch”…. the threads were taking turns processing the load…



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