Curses…. Computer problems for a non-computer geek


Software problems are now cropping up, first windows update does its usual nonsense, next ntfs-3g does not recognize my secondary hard disk for its read/write procedure. Otherwise, everything is just peachy. the sound and video drivers are all up on my ubuntu os, most of the programs are ready ( office tools, muxing/encoding, coding, imaging, players, vmware.. etc). Yet, wine keeps crashing( found out that it doesn’t talk well in the presence of vm player, uninstalled the damn thing) and my greeter function is f&##*@##@.

Suppose i have to go get help from the forums and hope i don’t get flamed for being a n00b. It’s not that i haven’t tried the basic functions; typing “sudo” followed by the usual command was getting a little stupid since the root cannot be accessed by a ” poweruser”, or rather some of the applications got effed up.

No matter really, 7.04 is on the way ( eta 48 hours), with better ntfs-3g applications etc. So until monday night then. Oyasemi

EDIT: 11.55 pm > it seems that 6.10 cannot read SFS formatted drives ( logical NTFS) and it bloody pisses me off… but no i’ll forge forth and conquer ubuntu with my steadfastness…. i shall not back down back to windows….(as my main os)


One Response to “Curses…. Computer problems for a non-computer geek”

  1. experi3nc3 Says:

    Waa from what you’d faced I’m not too sure to switch to Ubuntu yet. =\

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