woot!! Blogging from Ubuntu!!


Wahooo!!!! i am now blogging from linux..

no worries about virus attacks now!!! and heres a pic to prove it

Ubuntu linux roxxor

Edit: May 19th 2007 @ 6:20PM = Now here’s another shot of what it can do…

There are other options for distros such as Mandriva, Suse, Redhat, and others…

however since Ubuntu is based on Debian, a GNU/Linux Hybrid Platform, it cannot be called a linux system, though it utilises mainly unix/linux operating principals.

A full review will be coming, ( god and time willing) ASAP.

But first i must toy around with it a little more.

PS: OMG, I’m turning into a geek. ( ed: waitaminnit, aren’t I one from day one?)


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