Wallpaper sites, a short glimpse…


These are good links to collect desktop wallpaper, including celebrities and others.

www.santabanta.com -Good Site to obtain celebrity wallpaper, at times high quality, older wallies are 800 x 600 (site has been around since Y2k or older….)

www.autowp.ru – Russian site, understand jack-shite but can figure out most, has many rare wallpaper of rare cars, ultimately is fun for the enthusiast.

www.wallpaperline.com -Cars, Girls, animals, places, you name it. its there

www.animepaper.net – as you guessed it, anime wallies galore!

www.wakachan.org – Picture boards, has dedicated sections to High resolution and wallpapers :WARNING: may have NSFW content, enter at own risk.


2 Responses to “Wallpaper sites, a short glimpse…”

  1. super_vannah Says:

    thnx for duh info…btw, kagami rox purple sox! lol

  2. super_vannah Says:

    bored…thnx for the sites :3

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