Lusts of the Juggernaut – Zwei Serie


Yes, now we come to the second edition of the “Lusts of the Juggernaut”. As per the previous edition, this post is going to showcase, the materialistic desires of yours truly. Today we shall concentrate on gadgets and computers.

First off, the second i saw this machine, i fell in love with it,

Dell XPS M2010
Suffice to say, the Dell XPS M2010 is a beautiful computer, almost teutonic in design ( incidentally the 2010 designation refers to its screen size, 20.1 inches of pure wide optical glory.. WOOOT!!!). but in real life, RM 28k is a “little” too much to pay for a computer XD!!! so here i stand and drool when i think about its pop-up dvd-rw drive, it’s 8.1 speaker system, it’s detachable keyboard and its uber l33t 8.5kg weight! One day, be mine! Next, we have the O2 XDA Exec, a powerful pda-phone which is the ultimate in organisation and task management equipment.

This system is quite powerful, and can be hacked to run on a lite version of Xubuntu, a ubuntu debian linux based operating system. Imagine the possibilities. :drools: (I seem to be drooling a lot today eh?)

Now, on to the Visual Capturing Device with Easy Electronic Storage on a Silicon Chip, otherwise known as a digital camera. My particular fetish is the Panasonic Lumix LX-2. ( admittedly it’s not something 1337-tards would purchase and use because its Venus III engine is apparently less than perfect when compared to some of its competitors, but I still like it!) It’s Leica lens gives it an edge over most and the fact that is looks hot is a nice thing, eh?

A Wrist-Attached Time-telling device is also essential to “cad” like me, it shows that one is aware and alert of important affairs and takes one’s punctuality seriously… or not.
I for one, like bracelet watches and cannot fathom the logic of a rubber or leather strap. The feeling of steel on the wrist is quite comforting, as is its weight is substantially heavier than a rubber/leather strapped watch.

I like Tissot’s quality, Breitling’s history and IWC’s pure genius and size. I’d go for a Omega too, just to fulfill my Bond fantasies.
Breitling Navitimer ( limited edition, Santa baby, you know what i want for christmas, eh?)Omega Seamaster
IWC bracelet watch - rare!
Tissot, Pure and Simple

Heh, I suppose this ends part two of the series. It probably doesn’t cover all, but covers the more mundane and traditional aspects of my self. (do your own psch-analyses in your own time, but it’s clear I’m not much of a techno-gadget freak.)
Until the next episode, Gokingeyou


One Response to “Lusts of the Juggernaut – Zwei Serie”

  1. Lord Jagganath Says:

    Update: Received an Edox C1 Diver….. Its a competitor to most Swiss watches like Rado, Tag Heuer, and IWC.

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