Art thou a glimmer,

displaying the reality,

the truth without,

that of within,

boundaries we hold,

and that of our belief,

should never be told,

to be silly or weak,

faith we have,

is but a drop of ink,

into our ocean of milk,

we will it be stained,

thoroughly mixed,

and fully ingrained,

into our very souls,

we pray it be unchanged,

our faith in our beliefs,

be unshakeable,

the Lord He watches,

observes and ponders,

this world is an experiment,

a test of faith,

with every triumph,

we instil greatness,

utter power,

and vision,

of becoming,



One Response to “Godlike”

  1. clara Says:

    hey hey! thats’ a lot of post in a few days! hahaha will change the link soon!

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