Lusts of The Juggernaut – Edition Ichiban


at this point of my life, i have come to realise that i am merely coveting without much avail. Meaning, i desire much of what i have yet to obtain. Today’s edition of “the lusts of The Juggernaut” will consist of Vehicles, a minor collection of my major obssession. It represents but a small part of my repertoire.

Coming in no particular order, first we have the Rover SD1.

This vehicle represents the end of a glorious motoring age, where the rule of Britain in the motoring world was on the wane. The SD1 to me is a remarkable vehicle, providing the right balance of sportiness, luxury and distinctiveness unlike its contemporaries. (oh and also that it was made World Car of the Year in 1977 proved its 1337-ness) Thus i crave this magnificent vehicle to be in my stable. (for illustration purposes, this car is a E-klasse /5-serie segment sized car, except is a hatchback)

Next we have two vehicles my departed paternal grandfather had successively in the 40s and 50s, the MG Y tourer and the MG SA roadster. Both vehicles were purchased used in Singapore and unfortunately were disposed of by the time the 60s rolled in.

The MG Y

and the MG SA

Both these vehicles represent a more dashing and adventurous time in motor history, where one would be able to cram 11 people in to one such car and go off to a nearby forest/beach for a picnic. Certainly these vehicles appeal to me as they have a sort of sentimental value; thinking of old times of times i never have experienced.

In between much desired cars, I have an odd desire, for me at least. Before this, i never fancied motorcycles. However,with the Triumph Rocket 3, i have been waxing lyrical about its various atributes, its gorgeous lines, its startling size, the fact it is more powerful than an average family sedan with 140 bhp and 147 Nm of torque. Fact: it is sex on two wheels and has torque sufficient to move Mt. Everest from 600 rpm. GAHHHH I WANT this BIKE!!!!

Finally, we come to a vehicle that is already in my grasp and subject of at least two past poems, The ’89 E34 BMW 520i. Underpowered but fulfilling to drive, pure aural pleasure hearing the engine rumble, listening to the fan whine and exhaust notes, this can only be described in stumbling sentences. TO this day, though its 18 this year, a year in my hands, and yet, i feel mesmerised every time i contemplate the car. One could say its a materialisation of a desire within, fulfilling every single second i think of it.

So i suppose you have to be happy with what you’ve got…. but I’m only human, so there is a lot more that i want…..Until that time i get it, Good day


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