September 22 2005 = at nottingham



oh sherrif,
hast thou caught him,
one of the jacquard,
green and brown,
with tights and pointed cap,
whilst thou go and do so,
as he’s disturbing classes,
teasing the maidens,
fair and gay they be,
flirting and flitting,
often he does,
to my ire,
much of which,
i too sober to try,
so justly and royally,
out of jealousy,
i command thee,
to despatch of him,
the so called,
robin hood,
throw him,
to the lions,
at the festival,
so i can partake in joy,
of his dismissal,
bring appeasement,
to me,
these things,
sights and sounds,
at nottingham.

Ps: utter nonsense…. imho…. just had to do sumfink!!!


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