September 14, 2006=Twin-ty Poetry


Poem EIN
Looking in your eyes,
drinking in your smile,
this bliss i feel,
is truly bizarre,
holding you,
wrapped up tight,
cloistered away,
inside my mind,
yearning for you,
wanting you,
drives me and my mind,
utterly insane,
just thinking of you,
transcends every feeling,
being with you,
would it be heaven?

Ah, My love,
shine ‘neath the stars,
glittering with promise,
whilst thou share,
this love, o’serendipitious love,
drink in it, we shall,
ever blissfully,
never regretfully,
’tis true, my pure one,
that though we be apart,
and you are not in sight,
my thoughts, actions, and words,
are for naught if not,
for thee.


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