October 14, 2005 = oh yeah!


stuck in a rut,

on the rocks,

my heart is,

truly torn,

between you,

my love,

and that thought,

behind my mind,

telling me,

to keep you,


as if my love,

is a sinful thing,

an abomination,

of the worst kind,

these feelings i have,

for you, my dear,

is true and through,

clear and silt-free,

as a mountain spring,

refreshing and energetic,

as ever-flowing rapids,

powerful and awe-inspiring,

as the waves crashing on the shore,

the sea, she beckons,

to the sea,

shall we,

prance on her shores,

and embrace shall we,

with the witness,

of the mountains,

spray of the rapids,

ht our faces,

as i take you,

on a wild adventure,

i’d have to say,

it’ll be amazing,

just you and i,

and the great old outdoors!

:and he hollers ” ohhhhhh yeaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!”:

(Postscript 2007: lame much!)


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