May 20 2005 = First 3 Poems done ( late bloomer, I am)


my best four poems


Glimpses of paradise

The first time

it was a shock

at how an angel

like thee

could be on earth

But then

it hit me

God made women

in Her image

Consequent glimpses

made me feel

paradise on earth

Also made me think

“am i a stalker?”

Nay I am not

a hound on the hunt

merely a worshipper

of God’s own creation

Many a day has passed

since i saw you

my heart still flutters

whenever i get a scent of you

Your eyes astound me

with their intensity

a strange connection

i feel heavenly

Smouldering gazes

come your way

from me to you

in the most unlikely way

My patience rewarded

when you turn to me

yet i turn away

fearing any scenes

My patronage

may be unsettling

neither amusing

nor pleasing

But I plead to thee

let not this be

a hindrance to your life

as i mean no harm at all

Thy beauty is far more

than Liz Taylor or Pussy Galore

the kind that is perfect

in every way

What’s more

than beauty and grace

thine sweet demeanour

belies the absobloodylutely gorgeous exterior

Since i have said my piece

do feel at ease

since it’s genuine admiration

for thine self only.



dire is a word

circumstances is the other

when people fall apart

in this particular world

tis’ said seven times the charm

can’t say that

i beg to differ so

cause i have no experience of

such affection of tenderness

before it crumbles to nought

“humans are social animals”

it was once told

yet we can have such creeds

of loners, bookworms and solitary fools

nevertheless its true

that some people do

take each other for granted

and would rather sit in a couch

and munch

while the tv’s on

and playing porn

whilst the other goes on with their lives

so beware of the consequences

of alienating life’s advances

take yourself by the chin

and be glad that

you have friends

and that makes life

worth living!


the walk

walking is such a breeze

when its with a person you adore

never have to say please

to walk her to her door

but has it to be

she is with him and not me

it makes me feel

lady luck’s deserted me

am i just a pawn

of fate’s cruel game

all i can say is

i’ll find another

but never one with such finesse

nor grace or sophistication

as i walk her to her door

i remind my self

my action’s fraught with lies

but tis’ so and i’ll confess to her

my feelings and true passion

is only towards



The Yearning

hazel brown eyes you tempt me,

pretty white lilies,

you send me,

tis painful to see,

what you’ve done to me,

where my hearts’ desire,

is set on fire,

i yearn to feel a love affliction,

a home cooked meal,

from your own kitchen,

ALAS for me,

tis not to be,

for love is a game for two,

and i can’t obtain you.


One Response to “May 20 2005 = First 3 Poems done ( late bloomer, I am)”

  1. K.M.Ryan Says:

    #s 3 and 4 are two of the best love poems I’ve ever read. Great job on those, and keep up the good work


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