May 01, 2007=torque


Good ol’ newton-metre,
my beloved friend,
with every mitre,
such a good blend,
divine splendour,
i can never pretend,
thus i feel,
with ev’ry fibre,
of my very being,
thine power,
force and grace,
push me ahead,
at my own behest,
gratify me,
with such thrust,
burning rubber,
such an alluring scent,
the exhaust note,
thru the nether pipe,
rumble through out,
the thin night air,
i fall to my knees,
at the very thought of power,
a little megalomaniacal,
yet perfectly sane,
move over horsepower,
Push rules over pull !

(break out your science books children…. torque = an important part of a vehicle’s attributes for being easy to use…)


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