June 29, 2005 = Gomenasai, if i have hurt you….


Standing here,
by your side,
so near,
yet so far,
i yearn for thee,
yet i’m afraid for thee,
taking my feelings,
as it is as you have seen,
unsure i am,
to tell you that i,
absolutely adore you,
in a manner not at all,
your friendship,
is my greatest,
saying those special words,
might destroy,
what we have,
what we built,
what we could have,
but if i do not,
would i be glad,
if the feeling’s mutual,
will there be regret,
as at the last moment,
the words are finally said,
there is a loss,
of time and space,
what am i to do,
this game for two,
is yet to start,
yet already at the,


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