August 18, 2005 = the path shown


love courses
through my veins,
speeding down,
to nether parts,
said i loved you,
it was a lie,
because love,
does not feel,
so strong,
the path shown,
is always grand,
never sad nor,
even glad,
indifferent it may be,
but it is true,
the path never knows,
where it might take you,
be prepared,
a little wary,
never fearful,
always gay,
for this path,
we take together,
becomes bearable,
when you’re with me,
thorns cracks and slime,
hold no danger,
as i am immortal,
with you beside me,
walk with me,
the path shown.


One Response to “August 18, 2005 = the path shown”

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