August 15, 2006 = to my late grandfather, 84


My Thatha, My Bhangarusamy

“Clack! Clack! Clack!”

The metallic sounds,

of steel on Gold,

echo throughout,

the depths of my Soul,

a reminder of times,

that since has passed.

The great romance,

has been lost,

My grandfather,

epitomised this ideal,

with my own eyes,

I have seen such a relic,

of days gone by.

O’ For that bygone era,

we long and pray,

when these craftsmen,

were gods of the day,

toiling through,

night and day,

for the sake of beauty,

as well as pay.

Many a night,

I have seen you flay,

Strips of gold,

with such gusto,

wielding your hammer

in such a way,

that Thor himself,

would be gay.

The romance aside,

this I’ll say,

So ends a ballad,

An era has passed,

Of simple times,

and simpler lives.

The hard facts,

has come our way,

O’ Grandfather,

We will miss you,

And your ways,

Praise the Lord!

Hare Krishna!!!

A.Thurairaju Pather

4-4-1922 to 29-07-2006

Four years four months and fourteen days he had waited to meet up with his beloved wife……… God bless you, Thata…


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