August 08, 2005 = ah, sweetness


ust for my love
love will look for you,
when it is time,
always faithful,
tis not possible,
to over come,
beginning to burst,
from the depths of my heart
trembling mind’s,
embraced so closely,
wailing of the yearning,
from my heart and my soul,
for you, my love,
emanate my entire being,
glorious thoughs abound,
of you and me, together,
in our little home, by the sea,
you do the washing, i dry them,
watching the evening sun,
expire in all its greatness,
taking in the sight,
of the spellbinding stars,
side by side,
may we lie,
holding hands,
all through the night,
and then, my love,
we’d say goodbye,
for the night.


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